Nikki Simpson

Nikki Simpson: Dark, Romantic Master

Nikki Simpson is a female tattoo artist who currently works at Grit N Glory in New York City along with fellow tattoo artists Megan Massacre, Joice Wang, and Alisha Gory. She is known for tattooing detailed black and grey lady faces with single pops of color.

Simpson was a feisty participant on Season 8 of “Ink Master” and formed an alliance with other female tattoo artists including Ryan Ashley, Kelly Doty, and Gia Rose. The four artists then went on to host “Ink Master Angels,” which Simpson participated in for two seasons.

Now that the reality television shows are over, Simpson is back to tattooing full-time. She recently married Tim Goergen (aka @timruins), who was the vocalist for Within the Ruins. She is also a proud cat mama to her feline Gandy, who is way cooler than you’ll ever be.

In December of 2019, Simpson announced that she plans to open her own tattoo studio, EverBlack Tattoo Studio, in Brooklyn in early 2020. She will co-own the private studio with Goergen.

Simpson’s style is romantic, illustrative realism. Her subject matter ranges from woodland witches and fierce goddesses to perfectly petaled roses and ornamental accents.

Nikki Simpson’s Tattoo Styles

  • Black and Grey
  • Illustrative Realism
  • Specializes in lady face tattoos
  • Specializes in ornamental tattoos

“There are hardships that women experience in this industry compared to men, and that is society’s expectation that you have to be hot and perfect and almost sexualized in order to be idolized.”

– Nikki Simpson, Paramount Network

Nikki Simpson Tattoo Prices

All tattoo artists charge different prices for their tattoos depending on the work you are requesting. At this time, does not have specific pricing information for booking a tattoo with Nikki Simpson. However, the shop minimum to book a tattoo at Grit N Glory is $200.

Nikki Simpson does book half-day and full-day sessions. A deposit is required to lock in the tattoo date and book an appointment with Nikki Simpson.

How to Book a Tattoo with Nikki Simpson

To book a tattoo with Nikki Simpson, follow along on her Instagram account to see if her books are open and she’s accepting appointment requests. Her Instagram account will also include information about booking a tattoo appointment at conventions or at guest spots.

If Nikki Simpson is accepting booking requests, prospective clients are asked to submit a detailed request that outlines their ideas, the preferred placement location, a photo of the preferred location on your body, and reference photos. She gives booking preference to clients who want something in her style of black and grey, illustrative realism.

To book a tattoo with Nikki Simpson, send an email to NIKKISIMPSONTATTOOS@GMAIL.COM.

Tattoos by Nikki Simpson – via Instagram

Editor’s note: All images are the property of Nikki Simpson and are from her Instagram account. does not claim any ownership to the above images. 

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