Nikki Simpson to Open EverBlack Tattoo Studio in Brooklyn

We’ve been following the tattoo career of Nikki Simpson for years—ever since she raised hell on Season 8 of Ink Master. 

Her exceptional black and gray tattoos, no-bullshit attitude, and seemingly endless drive pushed her to go on to host Ink Master Angels and return as a coach on Season 12 of the Paramount Network reality show. 

When she wasn’t busy filming, Simpson was tattooing regularly at Grit N’ Glory, the Lower East Side tattoo studio and boutique owned by Megan Massacre

But it turns out she was also busy plotting and planning her next big move. Simpson announced on Instagram that she will be opening her own tattoo shop in Brooklyn, called EverBlack Tattoo Studio, in February 2020. 

The studio will be co-owned by Simpson and her husband, Tim Goergen (aka @timruins), who she recently married in Destin, Florida. It will be located in Williamsburg, though the exact address hasn’t been revealed at this time. The shop is currently hiring resident artists and accepting guest artists for the new year. 

Nikki Simpson and husband Tim Ruins
Tim Goergen and Nikki Simpson. Owners of the new EverBlack Tattoo Studio. Photo via Instagram.

Giorgia Mae, who also worked with Simpson at Grit N’ Glory, has already signed on to be a full-time resident artist at EverBlack.

In the post on Instagram, Simpson wrote: “It’s been a dream of mine since I started tattooing that I own my own studio. The past few years have proven to me that if you put your mind to it, give yourself no other option than success, and open your world up to any and all opportunities, amazing shit happens.”

Simpson goes on to thank Megan Massacre for being so supportive in the new endeavor and says that it was a pleasure to work at Grit N’ Glory for the past few years.  

Simpson’s current appointments and clients will continue taking place at Grit N’ Glory as she prepares the new studio for it’s opening. 

We are extremely excited to see who joins the team at EverBlack and we wish Simpson and Goergen nothing but success with the new business.

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