Joice Wang

Joice Wang via Instagram

Floral Tattoos by Joice Wang

Joice Wang is a tattoo artist who works out of Grit N’ Glory (owned by Megan Massacre) in New York City. She previously worked at Bang Bang Tattoo.

She finds inspiration in nature and is known throughout the industry for creating elegant and feminine floral tattoos. In addition to color realistic flower tattoos, Wang creates custom x-ray flower tattoos, animal tattoos, and watercolor tattoos.

Joice Wang’s Tattoo Style

  • Realism
  • Watercolor
  • Illustrative
  • Geometric

“As an Asian woman going into an industry that wants you out, you had to force your way in.”-

– Joice Wang, YouTube

Joice Wang Tattoo Prices

Wang has a minimum and hourly rate of $350 per hour. She will provide a full price quote depending on the size, difficulty, and expected length of time that the tattoo will take to complete. Prices and rates are subject to change.

She requires a 25 percent deposit up front to book tattoo appointments and reserve a date.

How to Book a Tattoo With Joice Wang

To book your tattoo appointment with Joice Wang, make sure to visit her Instagram account to see if her books are open and she is available to take appointments. Some clients may be asked to come in for a tattoo consultation prior to booking an appointment.

To schedule a tattoo appointment, Wang requires prospective clients to submit:

  • The idea of the tattoo you are looking to get done
  • A photo of the area you would like tattooed
  • Preferred size and measurements

All tattoo booking inquiries should be sent to JOICE.WANG41193@GMAIL.COM.

Tattoos by Joice Wang – via Instagram

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