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Megan Massacre: Illustration Mixed with Realism

Megan Massacre (whose real name is Megan Woznick) is the owner of Grit N’ Glory, a tattoo studio and clothing boutique located in New York City, which she uses as her home base for tattooing when she isn’t traveling the world. She previously worked in Philadelphia at Deep Six Laboratory with horror-realism tattoo artist Paul Acker, but she moved to New York City to film the television show “NY Ink.” Massacre has appeared in numerous reality television shows including “America’s Worst Tattoos” and MTV’s “Girl Code.”

She excels at tattooing a range of styles and subject matter, but people travel far and wide to her Manhattan-based studio to collect one of her popular pet portraits. In many of her pet tattoos, Massacre blends a mix of traditional or illustrative work with portrait realism. She is also well known for creating other animal tattoos, floral tattoos, and kitschy and cool flash styles.

Megan Massacre’s Tattoo Style

  • Traditional
  • Illustrative
  • Realism
  • New School

“When I first started we were definitely a minority. Fifteen years later we’re definitely still not as many as there are men, but there are a lot of really amazing women tattooers that are taken a lot more seriously and I think that that’s pretty cool.”

– Megan Massacre, Scene360

Megan Massacre Tattoo Prices

Prices for tattoos vary greatly by artist and the type of tattoo. Many tattooers charge by hourly rate or full-day rates. At this time, does not have specific pricing or rate information for a tattoo by Megan Massacre.

Grit N’ Glory does have a shop minimum of $200 and a 4.85% New York City sales tax will be added to the cost of your final tattoo.

How to Book a Tattoo with Megan Massacre

To book a tattoo with Megan Massacre potential clients are asked to submit the following, according to Megan’s website:

  • Full name and contact information
  • The maximum your willing to spend on the tattoo
  • The estimated size (in inches) and placement on your body
  • The style you’re interested in
  • Reference photos
  • Potential appointment dates or a time frame for getting your tattoo

If you are considering a coverup tattoo with Megan Massacre, it’s important to also send photos of the tattoo that you are looking to have covered up.

To book a tattoo with Megan Massacre, email MEGANMASSACREBOOKING@GMAIL.COM

Tattoos by Megan Massacre – via Instagram

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