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Kelly Doty: Mischevious New-School Spook

Kelly Doty’s tattoo style is immediately recognizable—a blend of New-School outrageousness, sugary cuteness, and the deeply deranged.

Doty is known for her custom illustrations and vibrant color play, which she uses to amp up the scary, surrealist vibe of her artwork. She tattoos colorful characters and then proceeds to give each of them full backstories on her Instagram account.

Doty appeared on “Ink Master” Season 8, along with fellow female tattooers Ryan Ashley, Nikki Simpson, and Gia Rose. She made it to the final along with Ryan Ashley and Gian Karle but ultimately lost out to Ryan, who became the first female artist to win the reality television competition.

Doty went on to host “Ink Master Angels” for two seasons, where she religiously and overzealously shook her head and yelled “stop tattooing” when time was up for the show’s participants.

Doty is the co-owner of Helheim Gallery in Salem, Massachusetts (with Kristen Welch). Other female tattoo artists Jess Brown and Britt Whitman also call Helheim home.

Kelly Doty’s Tattoo Styles

  • New School
  • Illustrative
  • Specializes in color tattoos
  • Specializes in cute-spooky stuff
  • Specializes in monster/horror tattoos

“To have somebody not believe that you’re capable of something just because you’re a woman is bullshit.”

– Kelly Doty, Paramount Network

Kelly Doty Tattoo Prices

At this time, does not have specific information about Doty’s prices. According to her website, she does require a 4-hour minimum for tattoos.

Many tattoo artists charge an hourly rate or a full-day rate for tattoo appointments, and deposits are often required to book the appointment and lock in the date. Please keep in mind that tattoo prices are at the discretion of the artist and may vary depending on the size and complexity of the tattoo.

How to Book with Kelly Doty

To book a tattoo with Doty, follow along on her Instagram account for updates about her availability and information about the conventions that she will be attending. For conventions, preference is given to clients who are looking for arm tattoos due to convenience and Doty’s “garbage back.

If you are interested in booking a tattoo with Doty at her home studio, Helheim Gallery, fill out the contact form on her website. Prospective clients are asked to send a detailed description of their tattoo ideas, where they would like the tattoo placed on their bodies, and all relevant contact information and reference photos. Doty states that she is more likely to book tattoos that give her the most creative freedom.

Tattoos by Kelly Doty – via Instagram

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