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Ryan Ashley Malarkey: Intricate Embellishments

Ryan Ashley Malarkey made history when she became the first female tattoo artist to win Season 8 of “Ink Master.” She’s known for her intricate black and grey tattoos and her jewelry and lace-like skin art.

Coming from a background in the fashion industry, Malarkey uses the artistic skills she learned from working with beading and lace and translates those inspiring and ornamental designs into the medium of tattooing.

Following her big win on Ink Master, Malarkey went on to co-host “Ink Master Angels” with Kelly Doty, Nikki Simpson, and Gia Rose (though Gia Rose left the show due to health complications). Now, she tattoos at Inkology in New York City.

Malarkey previously tattooed at her own private tattoo shop and oddities boutique in Kingston, Pennsylvania called The Strange and Unusual. The retail shop, which Malarkey co-owns with former fiance and musician Josh Balz, eventually opened up a location in Philadelphia.

In November of 2019, Malarkey posted a cover of Inked Magazine that announced fellow tattoo artist Arlo Dicristina as her boyfriend.

Ryan Ashley Malarkey’s Tattoo Styles

  • Black and Grey
  • Realism
  • Illustrative
  • Specializes in jewel tattoos
  • Specializes in ornamental tattoos

“I think every female has a different experience in the industry. Every shop is different, every artist is different. I know a lot of female tattooers that have had an amazing ride and everyone has treated them with respect, and it’s been great. And I know a lot of female tattooers that have had negative experiences, that have been treated badly for one reason or another.”

– Ryan Ashley Malarkey, Paramount Network

Time on Ink Master and Ink Master Angels

Malarkey created a movement on Season 8 of Ink Master when she became the first female tattoo artist to win the title. Her winning Ink Master tattoo was a 24-hour chestpiece that she revealed live on stage during the show’s finale.

The design of her winning tattoo was a 90’s New School, hot-rod inspired piece that she did in full color—a style that is completely outside of Malarkey’s wheelhouse. The style was chosen by fellow Ink Master finalist Kelly Doty.

See the clip of Malarkey’s winning tattoo reveal:

Ryan Ashley Malarkey reveals her winning Ink Master tattoo live on the Season 8 finale.

Following her win on Ink Master, Malarkey joined fellow female tattoo artists Kelly Doty, Nikki Simpson, and Gia Rose in a spin-off called “Ink Master Angels.

The premise of the show was to find tattoo artists to compete against the Angels from all over the country. Each episode finale tattoo had a deeper meaning and the show brought attention to important subjects such as suicide and mental health, addiction, and immigration.

There were two full seasons of the show, and Malarkey tattooed against other artists including Tone Chingon, Daniel Silva, Tony Scientific, Jimmy Butcher, Mike Wallace, and Austin Rose.

Both Danel Silva and Austin Rose beat out Malarkey in their face-off tattoos to earn a spot on Ink Master.

See Malarkey face off against Daniel Silva on Ink Master Angels:

Ryan Ashley and Daniel Silva face off on Ink Master Angels.

Ryan Ashley Tattoo Prices

Ryan Ashley is one of the most popular female tattoo artists in the world, with over one million fans on Instagram and a huge following. Her rates for tattoos likely reflect her popularity. However, at this time, FemaleTattooers.com does not have any specific information about Ryan Ashley’s tattoo prices.

Please keep in mind that tattoo prices are set at the discretion of the artist and can vary widely depending on the type and style of tattoo you choose.

How to Book a Tattoo with Ryan Ashley

To check availability and whether or not Malarkey’s books are open for tattoos, it’s important to follow her on Instagram. Email APPOINTMENTS@RYANASHLEY.com.

Tattoos by Ryan Ashley Malarkey

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