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Gia Rose: Moody Neo Traditional Tattoos

Gia Rose is a female tattoo artist who opened White Oak Tattoo, a mostly female tattoo studio located just outside of Philadelphia, after leaving “Ink Master Angels” due to health complications after a flare up from her cancer treatments.

Instead of hustling on reality television shows, the Season 8 “Ink Master” contestant put all of her energy and focus into growing her tattoo shop and enjoying her relationship (she got married to Angus Davidson in December 2018) and small-town life with her dogs.

Gia is known for her neo traditional style, mostly featuring lady faces, flowers, skulls, and a menagerie of animals. Her color palette is mostly muted, with strong blacks and rich jewel tones. In addition to owning her own tattoo studio, Rose runs a cruelty-free fake eyelashes brand called Little Wolf, which she is planning to expand with a makeup line in the near future.

Tattoo Styles

  • Neotraditional
  • Specializes in Lady Faces
  • Specializes in Animal Tattoos

“Getting into tattooing is hard for anyone at first. But once past those gates and once you establish your skills and place in the industry, there’s a whole world there to support you.”

– Gia Rose, Things&Ink Magazine

Gia Rose Tattoo Prices

Tattoo pricing is the at the discretion of the artist and it depends on the tattoo that you want to get done. All clients should contact artists directly to ask about their prices.

According to Gia Rose’s booking policy, she charges a full-day rate of $1,500 and she only books full-day or multi-day sessions. A $200 deposit to White Oak is required to book the tattoo appointment and reserve the date. Large-scale work—such as back pieces or multi-day tattoos—require a deposit of $500.

How to Book with Gia Rose

To book a tattoo with Gia Rose, clients are asked to send her an email that includes the shop location preference. In addition to taking appointments at White Oak, Gia does guest spots at Sacred Tattoo in New York City.

Prospective clients are asked to email Gia Rose with their tattoo ideas, the placement of where they would like the tattoo, and inspiration or reference images. Some clients may be asked to come in for a consultation prior to booking a tattoo appointment.

To book a tattoo with Gia Rose, email GIAROSEBOOKINGS@GMAIL.COM

Tattoos by Gia Rose – via Instagram

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