FemaleTattooers.com is a media property dedicated to supporting and promoting the work of female tattoo artists worldwide. Instead of focusing on tattoo models or writing articles that have nothing to do with tattooing, our mission is to highlight the art and the incredible women who are changing the perception of what it means to be tattoo artists.

Thanks to the explosion of Instagram and social media, popular television shows, and the public’s growing interest in tattoo culture, more women are opening up shops, supporting one another, and making bank in the process.

Female tattoo artists are using their platforms to speak up against sexual harassment and violence, help survivors of cancer and self-harm, and create safe spaces for LGBTQ and minority clients. And we’re here to report on all of it.

About the Editor

My name is Deidre Grieves. I’m a writer, digital marketer, and tattoo collector who inherently believes that when women support other women good things happen.

I saw a huge gap in substantive online coverage of female tattoo artists and decided to take action.

Although I’m not a tattoo artist, I am an experienced journalist and content creator. I believe in building relationships, asking questions, and telling stories. And that’s what I intend to do here.

If we see any sort of success with this website, the goal is to donate a portion of the proceeds raised through t-shirt sales, artist collaborations, media revenue, and fundraisers to help support education funding for women through the Malala Fund.

We Need Your Help

FemaleTattooers will only be successful with the support and participation of women in the tattoo industry. We hope you’ll get behind the brand, participate in interviews, submit your work to be featured, and let us know what issues and stories YOU want to share.

Please get in touch if you want to say hello, share comments or criticism, or would like to be featured.