Hannah Wolf

Hannah Wolf: Mastering a Mix of Styles

Hannah Wolf is a female tattoo artist based out of Berkeley California, where she currently works out of Magnetic Arts. She is in the process of opening up a private studio in Oakland, California, which she hopes to have open within the next few months. 

Wolf was previously the owner and sole proprietor of Castro Tattoo in San Francisco from 2012 through 2017. She sold the business to pursue other endeavors. 

She has been tattooing since 2003 and has received numerous awards and recognition. She has tattooed at over 40 conventions around the world and participated in multiple documentaries pertaining to the art and culture of tattooing. Her work has allowed her to travel extensively, both in the U.S. and abroad. 

Wolf specializes in a variety of styles, ranging from neo traditional and illustrative to black-and-grey and photo realism. Her portfolio shows a depth and breadth of tattooing that is versatile and endlessly evolving. 

Hannah Wolf Tattoo Styles

  • Neo traditional
  • Black and grey
  • Realism
  • Illustrative realism
  • Photo realism
  • Illustrative

Hannah Wolf Tattoo Prices

Wolf charges a rate of $300 per hour for her tattoo appointments, with a 2-hour minimum. She requires a non-refundable deposit of $200-$600 when booking appointments. 

She charges $100 for consultations, which covers a 1-2 hour consultation and the cost of drawing a design. If your design does not require any drawing, all or part of consult will be credited toward your tattoo session.

How to Book a Tattoo With Wolf

If you are interested in booking a tattoo with Hannah Wolf, you can set up a consultation via her website at www.tattoosbyhannah.com. If you do not see the widget for booking a consultation available, you can email tattoosbyhannah@gmail.com to get on her waiting list. 

Typically, Wolf books her appointments 2-6 months in advance, so you may be required to wait approximately 3-6 months for a tattoo session following your consult. These wait times vary depending on Wolf’s travel schedules, so make sure to visit her website or follow along on her Instagram account for more information about her travel dates and booking availability. 

Tattoos by Hannah Wolf

Editor’s note: All tattoo images are courtesy of and property of Hannah Wolf. FemaleTattooers.com does not claim any ownership to the above images.

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