“Ink Master” Franchise Brings Back Ryan Ashley and Nikki Simpson in New Roles

Paramount Network

Fans of female tattoo artists Ryan Ashley Malarkey and Nikki Simpson might have thought the series cancellation of “Ink Master Angels” signaled the end of their television careers.

But Paramount Network announced today that both tattooers will return to the “Ink Master” franchise in new roles.

Both Simpson and Malarkey competed on Season 8 of “Ink Master” before spinning off as judges and competitors on “Ink Master Angels” with fellow female tattoo artist Kelly Doty.

“Ink Master” Season 12: Battle of the Sexes

After seasons of battling former coaches, former contestants, and all sorts of crazy team configurations, the producers have decided to pit men against women for Season 12 of the show.

“Ink Master: Battle of the Sexes” will debut on June 11 at 10 p.m. ET and feature two teams divided into guys and gals.

On her Instagram account, Nikki Simpson announced that she would be returning to “Ink Master” Season 12 as one of the coaches for the men’s team. She wrote: “Told y’all I had unfinished business in the @inkmaster competition. I will be one of the coaches, guiding the male contestants on the new season.

According to a press release, past series contestants and fan favorites will return throughout the season to coach each team in various challenges.

Additionally, Kelly Doty announced on her Instagram account that she will be making an appearance on the season premiere, but didn’t reveal in what capacity.

“Ink Master: Battle of the Sexes” series trailer

“Ink Master” responded to comments on its social channels today and confirmed that Battle of the Sexes will feature blind judging so that the judges won’t know who is responsible for the tattoo until after judging is complete.

The female tattoo artists competing on “Ink Master: Battle of the Sexes” include:

Whether you love the show for its over-the-top drama and ridiculous flash challenges or you think it’s a circus that gives “serious tattooers” a bad name, we’re hoping that a lot of the female artists featured on Season 12 will gain recognition for their work and talent.

“Ink Master” has also been picked up for Season 13, so fans of the tattoo reality show have another new season to look forward to in 2020.

Kelly Doty, Ryan Ashley Malarkey, and Nikki Simpson on "Ink Master Angels"
Kelly Doty, Ryan Ashley Malarkey, and Nikki Simpson on “Ink Master Angels”

“Ink Master: Grudge Match”: All New Series

Additionally, Paramount announced that Ryan Ashley Malarkey would be returning in the role as a judge on the all-new series “Ink Master: Grudge Match” which will premiere this fall.

The new show will offer former “Ink Master” contestants the opportunity to come back on the show and compete head-to-head with some of their biggest rivals. The series will consist of 12 one-hour episodes.

Joining Malarkey at the judging table will be former “Ink Master” winners DJ Tambe and Clean Rock One.

In an Instagram post, Malarkey wrote: “Get ready for all sorts of new shenanigans, me ball busting the hell out of these dudes, some fierce tattoo competition and a whole new spin on @inkmaster.

That’s all we know right now about “Grudge Match” and Malarkey’s role in the series, but we’ll keep you posted when more sneak peeks are revealed.

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