LadiesLadies! Art Show Hosts Work by Female Tattooers to Benefit Planned Parenthood

Now in its 6th year, the annual LadiesLadies! Art Show will display work from international female tattoo artists in an effort to raise money to benefit Planned Parenthood of New York City. 

The show, which opens on Saturday, October 26 at Three Kings Tattoo in Manhattan runs through November 24 and will showcase over 50 pieces of artwork (both originals and prints), all available to purchase. 

“The art show is meant as a platform to show the variety of talents among women tattooers,” says tattoo artist, photographer, and event curator Elvia Iannaccone Gezlev. “There are so many female artists out there nowadays, but it wasn’t always like this—women used to be a minority in the tattoo industry. Today the situation is almost the opposite. We want to acknowledge and celebrate this.”

Gezlev, along with guest curator Kate Archer, a tattoo artist based in Philadelphia, has been working hard to drum up participation from some of the most respected women in the industry. Artists donating work to this year’s show include Claudia DeSabe (who designed this year poster art), Anka Lavriv, Zoe Bean, Linn Aasne Grønnerøe, Lara Scotton, Lorena Morato, Drew Linden, Karen Glass, Kate Collins, Amy Shapiro, and many more. 

“I’m such a sucker for art in general and tattoo art in particular,” says Gezlev. “This year, I’m particularly excited about having Claudia DeSabe. She is just an incredible artist and woman. We are so honored to have her at the opening this year.”

LadiesLadies! Art Show was first launched in 2010 as a collaboration between Gezlev and tattoo artist Emma Griffiths. The goal was to pay respect and homage to the female veterans and pioneers who broke down barriers for modern day artists. 

“In the past, we had women participating and supporting like Debra Yarian, Michelle Myles, Vyvyn Lazonga, Pat Sinatra, Juli Moon, and Kate Hellenbrand,” says Gezlev. “These are very important names in the world of tattooing—real veterans of the trade.”

This year, in addition to featuring the work of women, the show highlights and celebrates artists from LGBTQ+ identities as well, showcasing the changing landscape of the industry into one of acceptance and inclusivity. 

“This art exhibit represents a selection of women tattooers coming together to support reproductive rights, bodily autonomy, and LGBTQ+ rights,” says Gezlev. “This show is meant to create a moment of appreciation, unity, and support.”

All proceeds raised from purchases made through the silent-auction event on opening night and throughout its month-long exhibit will go directly to supporting Planned Parenthood of New York City. Representatives from the organization will be in attendance at the opening reception. 

“This artshow is a benefit for Planned Parenthood because there’s a need to take a stand. All artists donated their art to support this,” says Gezlev. “It’s mostly about freedom, about not getting our rights stripped away, and about ensuring safe medical procedures for all women.”  

Gezlev adds that those who attend the opening reception and visit the tattoo studio to see the work can expect a variety in the overall show experience. Artists were given free reign to create a piece specifically for the event. 

“We pick the artists based on their style and their artistic relevance,” she says. “You can expect to see many different styles and mediums, but all they all have common roots in tattooing.”

Note: FemaleTattooers will be in attendance at the opening night reception on Saturday, October 26, selling t-shirts to support the benefit. Stop by and say hello! 

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