16 Best Thigh Tattoos for Women

Thigh tattoos have everything you’d want when it comes to ink. The thigh area is large enough to add a killer large-scale design or a collection of smaller tattoos. It’s a spot on the body that gives tattooers plenty of artistic freedom and the location has some serious sex appeal (if that’s what you’re going for).

Depending where you get work done on your thigh (front, back, inner, outer), you can get a sizable tattoo that you can show off and hide at your own discretion. But, trust us—if your tattoo looks like any of these amazing thigh tattoos for women, you’ll want to show it off at all times.

Some of our favorite thigh-placement tattoos come in the form of floral, animal, jewelry, and mandala designs (gotta love those amazing details). Break out your best pair of short shorts or your favorite thigh-skimming dress and check out these 12 totally amazing thigh tattoos for women.

Floral Thigh Tattoos for Women

A floral tattoo is a great accent to any thigh, and no matter where you put it, the tattoo will look great. We love the looks of sprawling, large-scale floral thigh tattoos. Here are a few of our favorite designs:

Dark and Leafy Rose Tattoo by Joice Wang

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The rose is a symbol of beauty, so it’s no wonder roses are popular thigh tattoos for women. It’s also no wonder that ladies everywhere love getting inked by NYC’s Joice Wang, whose florals (like this pink and red rose front thigh piece) are breathtakingly realistic.

Sunflowers and Blackberries by Agnes Hamilton

Floral tattoos aren’t all roses. In fact, some of our favorites are other garden darlings, like the always-cheery sunflowers and lavender. Both are done incredibly here, along with some blackberries, in this upper-outer thigh tattoo by Portland-based artist Agnes Hamilton.

Abstract Poppy Tattoo by Natalia Jedrych

Part-art project (check out those splashes of color), part front-upper thigh tattoo, this poppy flower piece by Natalia Jedrych is all you could ever want in an edgy floral design.

Blackwork Flowers by Chelsea Knight

Floral-themed tattoos can be just as vibrant colorless as they are to their more, ahem, flowery counterparts. Take for instance this totally gorgeous black line floral piece by U.K. tattooer Chelsea Knight.

Animal Thigh Tattoos for Women

If you want to show off your wild side, animal tattoos are perfect thigh pieces. They allow tattoo artists to get in whole-body shapes and add movement or accents such as flowers, jewels, or frames. Whether you’re getting a pet portrait or something a bit more exotic, check out these animal thigh tattoos for women for some major inspiration:

Snowy Dog Tattoo by Caitlin Lindstrom

The dog days of bad animal tattoos are over thanks to incredible tattoo artists, like Caitlin Lindstrom of Montreal. This skilled artist has done a variety of amazing animal work, including this front thigh winter-themed wolfdog tattoo.

Cute Lil’ Bat Tattoo by Gabby Maravelas

We’re absolutely batty for this unbearably adorable bat tattoo by Minneapolis-based artist Gabby Maravelas. This rosy-cheeked and happy lil’ bat is inked on the client’s back upper thigh.

Lovely Lion Tattoo by Jen Anderson

This powerful lioness by Pennsylvania-based custom tattoo artist Jen Anderson is softly shaded in black and grey. This thigh tattoo (here, the upper outer thigh) is expertly crafted and a pretty homage to the queen of the beasts.

Ferret Tattoo by Whitney Havok

Not all animal thigh tattoos need to be big, strong and powerful animals. Sometimes the smaller critters make the best subjects. We adore this ferret tattoo by Whitney Havok. The compass and florals really make this piece stand out.

Jewelry Thigh Tattoos for Women

Sometimes all your thigh needs is a bit of ornamental adornment—a little bit of sparkle. That’s where jewelry tattoos come into play. We’re obsessed with the beautiful details of these decorative designs.

Skull and Gem by Lilian Raya

We are always completely blown away when we see the work of Lilian Raya, who tattoos in Mexico City. She does bright, neon colors like nobody else, and this sparkling heart and skull jewelry thigh tattoo is no exception. The pearl and tassel accents are such nice touches, and those skulls are exceptionally cool. It’s big, it’s bold, and we really love it.

Sparkling Heart and Roses by Leanne Fate

If you’re going to opt for a jewel tattoo on your thigh, we think a sparkling heart shape like this one by U.K. tattooer Leanne Fate is a great option. This picture shows a piece that’s not quite finished, but it shows such a stunning blue sparkle that we had to include it on the list.

Jeweled Armor by Ryan Ashley Malarkey

NYC-based tattoo artist and former Ink-Master winner, Ryan Ashley Malarkey, is the queen of intricate jewelry tattoos. This armor-inspired, red-jeweled thigh tattoo is such a stunning accent. And look at the way that whole piece carries down the leg—it’s really something special.

Jeweled Bee Design by Jenna Kerr

Jenna Kerr is another female tattoo artist who does stunning jewel-based designs. This thigh piece combines ornamental details with gold accents and opalescent stones to make the perfect queen bee. We are absolutely obsessed with the wings. Gorgeous.

Mandala Thigh Tattoos for Women

Mandala designs involve serious linework and symmetry. But the thigh offers a great place for tattoo artists to place these labyrinth-like designs. Here are a few of our top mandala thigh tattoo picks:

Tiny Mandala Tattoo by Maya Pavlyshyn

Ukranian tattoo artist Maya Pavlyshyn made “the right tattoo for the right girl” with this intricately detailed mandala piece on her client’s upper outer thigh.

Large Blackwork Mandala by Adele Magpies

Adele Magpies of the U.K. created a stunning upper outer thigh mandala piece of her own, complete with dotting, line work, florals, patterns, and a draping chandelier.

Lotus Mandala Tattoo by Rachael Jones

Mandalas are figures that represent both Hindu and Buddhist symbolism. The lotus is a major symbol in both Hinduism and Buddhism, representing purity. Here, artist Rachael Jones has effortlessly combined the mandala and the lotus for this lovely front upper thigh tattoo.

Intricate Mandala Design by Iliana Rose

Sydney-based tattoo artist Iliana Rose calls herself “That Mandala Girl” on Instagram, so it’s safe too say that mandalas are one of her specialties. This super intricate design on the outer thigh of her client is a stunning addition to a blank canvas.

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