12 Constellation Tattoos That Will Make You Starry-Eyed

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Twinkle, twinkle, little stars, what awesome tattoos you are. 

You don’t have to be an astronomer to love the constellations. These bright patterns in the night sky fill us with a sense of wonder and awe. They make us all feel connected, and these sky symbols have been used from the beginning of time for direction, storytelling, and spiritual connection. 

If you’ve been considering getting a constellation tattoo, you definitely have to go to the best of the best. These 12 out-of-this-world constellation tattoo designs, created by infinitely talented female artists, will leave you starstruck.

Connecting the Planets

You’d have to travel all the way to Hong Kong to have a constellation tattoo like this one done by Tina Choi, but we think it’d be worth the journey. (Plus, it’s still less time than it would take to go to outer space.) 

Ursa Major-ly in Love 

Prague tattoo artist Alet Atouturned Ursa Major (aka the Great Bear constellation) into an otherworldly work of art with an intricate dotwork pattern. 

To the Moon and Back

NY-based artist Laura Martinez created this awe-inspiring constellation tattoo, with destinations to the moon and Saturn. No wonder the lucky client who has this piece described it as “dreamy.” 

Constellation Chestpiece

While many constellation tattoos are small and subtle, this one by Lu Hansen, who tattoos in Madrid, is one that can’t be ignored. The pretty piece takes up her client’s full chest and makes for a dreamy design. 

Biffy Clyro-stellation 

Fans of Scottish rock band Biffy Clyro will, no doubt, be starry-eyed over U.K. artist Lea Snoeflinga’s incorporation of lyrics from their song “Folding Stars” into this magical constellation tattoo. 

Age of Aquarius

Who says that all constellation tattoos have to have stars? Certainly not Nashville tattooer Erin Sullinsand her inspired Aquarius piece, which is comprised of lovely flowers. 

Shoot for the Stars

Anyone born under the Sagittarius sign is so lucky: they have one of the raddest symbols under (and orbiting around) the sun. Of course, no one is luckier than a Sag who gets this delicate constellation tattoo done by Brazilian artist Lívia Guimarães

Everywhere a Sign

No horoscope needed here: U.K.-based artist Charlene Hickey expertly mapped out her client’s astrology in this graceful back tattoo. 

Leo Cactus Mashup

For those born under the Leo sign (July 23 and August 22), Tel Aviv tattoo artist Dasha’s inclusion of the constellation with the most summer-friendly plant, the cactus, is inspired. 

Up Above the World

NYC artist Jing Chen is masterful when it comes to creating small tattoos that create a big impact. Her constellation tattoos connect the dots for meaningful things for her clients, whether that’s the stars, a heart, or a diamond. 

Deerest Constellation Tattoo

Take a closer look at French artist Emilie Cantin’s piece and you’ll see it’s not just a constellation and the moon and a deer, it’s all masterful dotwork piece that takes you to a whole new place. 


Part dream catcher, part Gemini constellation, 100% incredible work by U.K. artist Nikki Kelly. We love the super delicate details in this tattoo. 

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