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Jenna Kerr: Candy-Colored Jewel Tattoos

Jenna Kerr is a female tattoo artist that is based at Devil in the Detail Tattoo Studio in Stoke on Trent. Kerr is from the U.K., but her intricately detailed jewel tattoos have garnered worldwide attention and praise.

In an interview with Inked Magazine, Kerr explains that she started tattooing later in life than most artists, and admits that she nearly decided to throw in the towel because of how difficult it was to get started in the industry. But now, with over 220,000 followers on Instagram, she’s reached critical mass with tattoo lovers everywhere. Kerr regularly collaborates with other artists including Ryan “The Scientist” Smith and Jay Freestyle. She also recently worked on a tattoo with Ink Master’s first female champion, Ryan Ashley.

Kerr’s style is feminine. She combines baroque filigree designs with expertly crafted jewels, gemstones, and ornamental accents to make tattoos that appear to shine off the skin. Additionally, many of her tattoo pieces feature stunning lady faces or life-like animals.

Jenna Kerr’s Tattoo Styles

  • Art Nouveau
  • Baroque
  • Specializes in Jewel Tattoos
  • Specializes in Filigree Tattoos

“The fact that someone wants to wear my artwork on their body for the rest of their life, that’s extremely humbling for me.”

Jenna Kerr, Business Insider

Jenna Kerr Tattoo Prices

At this time, does not have any information about Jenna Kerr’s tattoo prices. Please keep in mind that tattoo prices are at the discretion of the artist and may vary greatly depending on the style, size, or complexity of the design.

How to Book with Jenna Kerr

Jenna Kerr’s tattoo availability is often limited due to her popularity. However, make sure to follow along on her Instagram account and her Facebook page for information about when her books open. Kerr also travels regularly to conventions all around the world, and her travel schedule and booking information for conventions are made available on her social media accounts.

According to her Facebook page, Kerr only takes on clients who are willing to let her have free reign with the tattoo design and who are fans of her work and her style.

Tattoos by Jenna Kerr – via Instagram

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