Megan Massacre Launches Curated Wine Selection With Nocking Point

Image by Christie Blick

Tattoo artist Megan Massacre is one busy woman. When she’s not tattooing at New York’s Grit N’ Glory—the tattoo studio and boutique she co-owns with Emily Conley and Veronica Cano—she’s releasing new books or jetting off to be a featured artist for Moxy Hotels

Massacre’s collab game is strong and she’s showing no signs of slowing down. Now, thanks to Nocking Point, the 34-year old tattoo artist can add the role of winemaker to her repertoire. 

In an Instagram post, Massacre announced that she curated a selection of two wines for the Walla Walla-based winery and wine club. The bottles will be part of the brand’s September Tastemakers’ Club

Megan Massacre’s designs for Nocking Point.

“I had the super fun opportunity to design two very pretty, metallic and colorful bottles of two of my favorite types of wines,” Massacre wrote in her Instagram announcement. “After the skull designs I created, I named them Calavera White, a clean and crisp Pinot Grigio, and Calavera Red, an intense and fruity Syrah.” 

Massacre worked with award-winning winemaker Justin Wylie and Nocking Point’s in-house sommelier to hone in on the final selections. 

megan massacre wine
Megan Massacre showing Nocking Point Wines. Photo by Christie Blick.

“We love taking a unique approach to each wine label produced,” says Nocking Point cofounder Andrew Harding. “Getting to work with an artist like Megan was exciting and we think her bottles are some of the most beautiful we’ve seen.”

Nocking Point collaborates with celebrities and artists on special releases. The brand was created by Harding and actor Stephen Amell, who is best known for his role as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow on The CW superhero series “Arrow.” The brand has launched wine collaborations with everyone from Jason Momoa and Adam Carolla to Aisha Tyler and The Witches of Weho

“We really want each person to put their stamp on their product in a way that represents themselves,” says Harding. “Megan is the second artist we’ve worked with this year, and they all have taken a different approach to their label creation. It’s really exciting for us to see what they come up with.”

You can order the bottles via the Nocking Point website or sign-up for a monthly membership and start with Massacre’s selections.

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