Megan Massacre Announces Launch of New Book

Megan Massacre via Instagram

Fans of tattoo artist Megan Massacre will soon have a new collector’s item to add their libraries. 

The celebrated artist and owner of Grit N Glory announced the launch of her new book “The Art of Tattoo” on Instagram. She said that the book—which combines stories about her career, tips for aspiring artists, and photos of her work—took her three years to complete. 

In her post about the book launch, Massacre said: “It’s a beautifully gilded, hard cover, coffee table book made up of a compilation of photographs of my tattoo artwork, information about my career, my work process, and how I find my artistic inspirations.”

The 256-page book will release on July 16 and be available at major retailers such as Amazon. Fans can also purchase the book at the Grit N Glory boutique in Manhattan. If purchased at Grit N Glory, buyers can request to have Massacre personalize their copies. 

Based on excerpts of the book that are available online, Massacre takes a conversational approach to her writing. 

“It’s actually a bit difficult for me to write a book about my experience because there are so many people with way longer careers than mine,” she writes in the introduction. “At the same time, tattooing is a creative art, and I believe that each person has something unique and different to contribute. So here I am doing it, happy to share with you my history and advice and hoping you can take something from it.”

In addition to glossy modeling photos of Massacre and high-quality images of her artwork, fans will get a glimpse into Massacre as a young, aspiring artist, as she writes about how she got her start in tattooing.

Massacre also addresses how difficult it was to break into a male-dominated industry. On page 8, she writes: “While I was advancing quickly artistically at each studio, it was clear that the guys weren’t always happy for me. While sometimes I was being hired due to merit, it was clear other times I was hired just to ‘have a hot chick in the shop.’ There were also times when clients refused to get tattooed by me simply because I was a woman.”

“The Art of Tattoo” is now available for pre-order on Amazon. Stay tuned to Massacre’s Instagram account for more sneak peeks of the book as the release date comes closer. 

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