The Perfect Potion Bottle Tattoo: 9 Top Designs

Rachelle Downs via Instagram

Potions have a mystical allure. They’re the stuff of witches, apothecaries, and evil spouses. One little drinkโ€”one little sipโ€”and suddenly you’re blessed with luck, superhuman strength, or love. Or you’ll drink down some poison and drop dead. No big deal.

Recently, we’ve noticed quite a few potion bottle tattoo designs magically appearing all over Instagram. Some are bright and bubbly, while others are dark and mysterious. Either way, we love them all.

If you’re interested in a potion bottle tattoo, use these nine awesome photos as inspiration for your witchy new ink.

Passion Potion Bottle Tattoo by Sophie Adamson

Love potions have inspired googley-eyed admirers since the dawn of time. The hope is that as soon as the liquid touches your lips, you’ll fall madly in love with the person who gave it to you. Maybe that’s what Sophie Adamson‘s client was thinking when she had this pretty little passion potion bottle tattoo inked on her skin. We love the little confetti bubbles and the deep green leaves.

Intuition Potion Tattoo by Lorena Morato

Lorena Morato’s work definitely has us under a spell. This Cologne-based goddess, who owns Golden Times Atelier, has created a whole series of potion bottle tattoos and shared them on her Instagram account. This lovely “intuition” potion bottle tattoo features a cinnamon stick and lavender sticking out of the top, with an amethyst stone added in at the bottom.

Bubbly Potion Bottle Tattoo by Erin Storm

Erin Storm, a tattoo artist based in Alberta, Canada, created a few fun flash pieces that were potion themed. This design is one of those flash drawings come to life, and we definitely did the colorful orange liquid and wrap-around vines. The whole thing pops off the skin with that purple background. Very enchanting, indeed.

Potion Bottle Foot Tattoos by Kendel Nicholson

Man, tattoos on the feet are tough, but this client sat through two potion bottle tattoos from U.K. artist and illustrator Kendel Nicholson. The pepper shading in these pieces is so nice and smooth, and we love how they both compliment each other so nicely. The little details on the potion bottle caps make us smile. Beautiful work.

Amortentia Potion Tattoo by Sophie Bellingham

If you put “potion bottle tattoo” into the search on Instagram, you’ll likely come across plenty of Harry-Potter-inspired pieces. Most of them are the famous Felix Felicis potion that gave Harry much-needed luck, but Edinburgh tattoo artist Sophie Bellingham tattooed the Amortentia potion (the “most powerful love potion in the world”), on one of her clients. The bold red outline and the crystal-like look make this tattoo really stand out. We’re starting to feel infactuated just looking at it.

Blackberry and Potion Bottle Tattoo by Cori Henderson

Would you look at that mesmerizing blue glass? It feels like we can reach out, pick it up, pop off the top, and guzzle down whatever magic liquid is in that bottle. This beauty by Cori Henderson was done on fellow female artist Abbie Johnston during her stint at Studio 58. The blackberries are such a nice touch and they compliment the pretty turquoise of the potion bottle.

Ornate Potion Bottle Tattoo by Rachelle Downs

This green-gold combo from Rachelle Downs has us feeling some kind of way. Seriously, isn’t it spellbinding? This gilded potion bottle tattoo is such a nice addition to the other work surrounding it. The delicate details of the stopper and the small, intricate circles in the chain take a simple design to the next level. We’re completely hypnotized.

Heart Potion Bottle Tattoo by Rachel Behm

Putting liquid into a potion bottle just isn’t enough for tattooer Rachel Behm, who works out of White Oak (owned by Gia Rose) in Westchester, Pennsylvania. Behm expertly added a heart into the mix. That cool, transparent effect where the heart transitions into the liquid is lovely and the tiny floral accents do a nice job of rounding out the piece. It’s totally transfixing.

Felix Felicis Potion Tattoo by Raquel Cude

We would be completely remiss if we didn’t include a Felix Felicis tattoo into the mix. While there are plenty to choose from and compare, we dig this potion bottle tattoo by Raquel Cude. We adore how the delicate bottle is framed out with sage leaves and sprigs of lavender. It elevates the Harry-Potter theme and makes for a very pretty piece.

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