Stephanie Brown Doing Flash Walk-Ups at Chicago Tattoo Convention

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If you follow Chicago-based tattoo artist Stephanie Brown on Instagram, you know that booking a tattoo appointment with her is tough. 

Unlike many other tattoo artists, Brown doesn’t open her books or take appointment requests—she only posts available projects on her website, and often gets inundated with requests from people who are interested in receiving a tattoo. She simply cannot accommodate everyone who sends in a request.

But Brown announced on her website that 2019 will be the year of flash tattoos and smaller pieces in an attempt to tattoo as many interested people as she can. She’s already in the middle of a project to tattoo 100 torchbearers (a.k.a. birds holding tiny, lit matches in their beaks). 

If you’ve been holding out hope and waiting to get tattooed by Brown, you finally have a shot at the Chicago Tattoo Arts Convention happening next weekend, March 22-24 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center.

In her recent email newsletter (make sure to sign up!), Brown announced that she will be doing flash walk-ups for all three days of the convention. She will be tattooing at the Black Oak booth with Cloey ZikmundTine DeFiore, and guest artist Ian Reynold

The tattoos will be palm or hand-sized and are available in limited color or black and grey. Prices for each piece will range between $300-$700 depending on size and complexity. Cash is the only payment method that will be accepted for the tattoos.

The tattoo appointment slots will be available on a first come, first serve basis and Brown and the Black Oak team will sign people up in the order that they arrive. There will be a new sign-up sheet for each day of the convention. 

If you’re able to score an appointment slot, you will likely have to wait a few hours before getting tattooed, and Brown recommends bringing snacks and a phone charger to hold yourself over. 

The available flash has been created specifically for the Chicago convention, and Brown will not be doing any radical deviations from the designs. 

She also announced that she will have some brand-new prints and hand-printed tote bags for sale at the Black Oak booth.

If you were on the fence about attending the tattoo convention in Chicago this year, maybe this exciting news will change your mind. And to everyone who decides to make the attempt to gain a coveted spot with Stephanie Brown over the weekend—may the odds be ever in your favor. 

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