Mega Babe Booth Full of Female Artists Taking Over Musink

When it comes to the 2019 Musink Music Festival and Tattoo Convention in Costa Mesa, California, there are plenty of things to see and do.

The hybrid event features performances by bands including The Vandals, Suicidal Tendencies, Limp Bizkit (yep, they’re still around), a drum and DJ set by Travis Barker, and a lowrider custom car show.  

Additionally, the tattoo convention floor will be full of top artists from all over the world including Jack Rudy, Nikko Hurtado, Grace Neutral, Emily Malice, and many more. But one booth is sure to garner plenty of attention—a 10-person mega booth full of talented female tattoo artists. 

“Last year myself and Chelsey Hamilton did the Musink show together and had the best time,” says New York City-based tattoo artist Courtney Raimondi. “It was really her idea to make a mega babe booth this year inspired by one of the huge booths we were across from.”

Hamilton created a post in a female tattooers Facebook group to see if anyone would be interested in being a part of the 2019 show. Within a short period of time, the group grew to 10 tattoo artists from all across the country who pooled their money together to reserve a spot. 

Deidge Dunham, a tattoo artist who works out of North Hollywood Tattoo located in (you guessed it) North Hollywood, explains that every artist in the group brings something different to the convention. “Each of us ladies have our own unique style of tattooing and there aren’t any of us who overlap in style similarities,” she says. 

That same sentiment is echoed by Ashley Lehman, who hails from Phoenix, Arizona and works out of her private studio HumbleRose Tattoo. “Every single woman that is a part of this group has amazing artwork,” she says. “I know we will all have a blast working together which is more than enough for me!” 

While some of the artists participating in the “mega babe booth” have met each other or worked together in the past, there are some women who are using the opportunity to meet the females involved for the very first time. 

“I personally haven’t actually met any of them yet, but I’m stoked to work with them,” says Stevie Randallyn, who tattoos out of Bad Apple Tattoo in Las Vegas. “Normally, I work in a shop with all guys. So, this will be different and exciting. Being around other driven women is inspiring.”

All of the artists taking place in the booth plan to have different methods for booking tattoos. Some are booked and scheduled in advance, while others plan to take mostly walkup appointments for flash designs.

Whether you plan to get a tattoo or not, Raimondi says just stopping by the booth will be an experience—especially when it comes to the decorations. “We get so extra with it, so we are sure to stand out,” she says. 

The women involved in the mega babe booth hope that everyone attending Musink will see the talent and camaraderie within their group, and they hope to showcase the positivity that happens when female tattoo artists come together. 

“The unity I experience with the ladies of our group is so refreshing,” says Dunham. “It never feels like a competition and I never feel like my voice isn’t heard.”

Raimondi agrees. “It’s important for women to support each other, especially in the tattoo industry,” she says. “We are stronger as a group than individually. I hope people are stoked to see so many women out here crushing it.”

The female artists participating in the mega babe booth will be taking over the @wearefemaletattooers Instagram account on Saturday and Sunday, March 9 and 10. Follow along to see all the action. 

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