Julia Campione Opens Good Omen Tattoo in Chicago

If you search for a list of the best female tattoo artists in Chicago, Julia Campione’s name probably makes the cut. Though she’s a Detroit native, her colorful take on traditional tattooing is instantly recognizable and makes a distinct statement in the Windy City. 

After working at Speakeasy Tattoo in Wicker Park for almost two years, Camipone is striking out on her own. She recently opened up Good Omen Tattoo in the city’s Roscoe Village neighborhood. 

Realizing a Career Goal

“Owning my own shop is something that I have always thought about,” says Campione. “It has been a very involved process for me financially, emotionally, and physically. I have put 100 percent into this project.”

Julia Campione Good Omen Tattoo

The new space needed a lot of renovation work in order to make it the warm, cheerful space that it is today.

Photos on Campione’s Instagram showcase rich dark woods, colorful rugs and couches, and plenty of greenery. Transforming the space, says Campione, was a mix of both stress and excitement. And even though it was a challenging undertaking, she says that she enjoyed the whole process. 

“I am a very task orientated person, so I have enjoyed a lot of the logistical aspects that maybe others would have found to be excruciating,” says Campione. “Overall, I’m just thrilled to be able to open up the doors and allow others to enjoy the space as well.”

Joining Campione at the new location is Felipe de Sousa, a Chicago artist who specializes in black and grey and linework.

Creating a Welcoming Environment

If clients are looking to locate Campione’s new space, there’s one distinct element that makes it easy to find—a “You Are Beautiful” art installation across from the shop in Fellger Park. “I think it’s a really awesome landmark for clients to look out for,” she says.

Good Omen Tattoo Chicago

Campione says that making a space to welcome all clients—regardless of race, sexual orientation, or gender—is one of her biggest priorities. She hopes to use the tattoo shop to give back to Chicago’s LGBTQ community. 

“I have been a lesbian my whole life, so of course it means a lot to me to have a platform to support the LGBTQ community,” she says. “It’s important to me for everyone to feel comfortable no matter what their orientation is.”

One of Campione’s long-term goals is to affiliate Good Omen with youth outreach and support LGBTQ teens and young adults. She plans to host tattoo fundraisers and other initiatives to raise money for social issues and organizations that matter to her.

“I want Good Omen Tattoo to be a place that tattoo collectors and tattoo artists can come to feel good about themselves,” says Campione. “I want to be as involved as I can with organizations that are centered around social and environmental justice. I’m just really excited to have opened the doors and to let the love flow in.”

Campione is now booking appointments at Good Omen Tattoo. Follow along on her Instagram to get booking information and see more of her work.

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