Ecuadorian Tattooer Analisbet Luna Collabs With 1984 Brewery

Seeing tattoo artists take their creativity beyond body art is refreshing. It’s exciting to see female artists collaborating to release exclusive products, do limited-edition designs, and support other independent brands. 

And that’s exactly what Analisbet Luna, a female tattoo artist who works out of Sevenfold Tattoo in Quito, Ecuador, is doing with artisanal brewery 1984

Luna recently worked with the brewery to release Moon Face Stout, a chocolate-flavored Irish stout that launched in mid-February. 

moon face stout

“Artisanal beer has been growing fast in popularity in the last couple years, at least in my city,” says Luna. “Every time I picked up a can and saw the designs on the labels I used to fantasize how the next can I picked up would have my designs on it.”  

The collaboration with 1984 came about through one of Luna’s clients, Roland Loachamin, who happens to be the co-owner of the brewery. “When he came to his consult and we talked about all his tattoo ideas he told me what he did for a living, and we decided it was time to make my fantasy a reality,” she says. 

The limited-edition beer run showcases Luna’s neo traditional style with a muted-pastel lady face and a moon. Luna added jewels and small flourishes to compliment the complex and elegant beer inside. 

Analisbet Luna tattoo artist
Analisbet Luna is a tattoo artist based in Quito, Ecuador

In addition to designing the label, Luna was involved with naming the beer—an easy task, since she used her own last name as inspiration. “Since my name is Luna, a moon lady was in order,” she says. 

Getting to use her creativity for something other than tattooing is something Luna enjoyed. The process was a chance for her to self-reflect and create something that really represented her style and her personal artwork. 

“I had never designed something specifically for me before, so it was very exciting and heartwarming to see something I did with so much love reflected on those beautiful cans,” says Luna. “This collaboration has been such a humbling experience and knowing how you can achieve your goals and dreams by working hard every day makes it all worth it.”

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