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Teresa Sharpe: Fantastical Color Illustrative Tattoos

Teresa Sharpe is a female tattoo artist and fine artist who is the co-owner of Unkindness Art in Richmond, Virginia. The woman-owned tattoo shop was opened by Sharpe and fellow tattooer Erin Chance in 2015. Fun fact—they bonded over hairless cats.

Sharpe is known for her large-scale, color illustrative work, and many of her pieces feature fantasy elements. She often takes on multi-day projects such as full back pieces and extensive torso pieces. In addition to tattooing, Sharpe is a talented painter who uses oil and pastels.

She was the winner of Season 2 of “Best Ink” on Oxygen where she competed against fellow artists including Ali Baker and DJ Tambe. In a 2014 interview with Another Tattoo, Sharpe says that Kelly Doty encouraged her to participate in the reality television competition.

Teresa Sharpe’s Tattoo Styles

  • Color illustrative
  • Specializes in fantasy tattoos
  • Specializes in large-scale tattoos
  • Specializes in animal tattoos

“The goal wasn’t that I wanted to be a strong female artist. I just wanted to be a fucking artist. I don’t care that it’s guys vs. girls. I just want to be a fucking amazing artist. It shouldn’t be about gender.”

– Teresa Sharpe, TattooSnob YouTube

Teresa Sharpe Tattoo Prices

According to Theresa Sharpe’s website, her tattoo prices vary depending on the size and type of project. She is drawn to larger-scale tattoos that often require clients to book multiple day sessions. Clients must be able to travel to Unkindness Art and commit to a full-day session each month. If clients lapse or miss a monthly tattoo, they may be required to pay a higher daily rate.

Deposits are required for booking a tattoo with Teresa Sharpe.

How to Book a Tattoo with Teresa Sharpe

To inquire about booking a tattoo with Teresa Sharpe, prospective clients are asked to fill out the contact form on Sharpe’s website to submit your ideas. Individuals are asked to include their desired body placement and approximate size.

Teresa Sharpe looks for projects and ideas that inspire her, and she is not able to respond to everyone due to the number of tattoo requests that she receives. She is more likely to take on projects that give her creative freedom and limit restrictions. Larger-scale projects and those on clean skin receive priority.

For more information on booking a tattoo with Teresa Sharpe, visit her website.

Tattoos by Teresa Sharpe – via Instagram

Editor’s note: All images are the property of Teresa Sharpe and are from her Instagram account. FemaleTattooers.com does not claim any ownership to the above images.

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