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Grace Neutral: Intricate, Geometric Hand-Poke Tattoos

Grace Neutral is a self-taught hand-poke tattoo artist and television personality based in London. She is known for her specialized style of blackwork, dotwork, and geometric mandala tattoos. 

She owns and works out of Femme Fatale, a private tattoo studio in East London, which is also home to other female tattoo artists including Indigo Forever and Peggy Brown

Grace grew up in Dubai and lived there until she was about eight years old before moving to Southwest, England. When she was 15-years old, she started living on her own in Bristol and London in cheap housing complexes and squatting in buildings with friends. She received her first tattoo when she was 15 years old. 

In addition to her world-renowned artwork, Grace is widely recognized for her physical appearance due to her body-modification journey and procedures.

She has several body modifications including a forked tongue, a removed belly button, pixie ears, eyeballs that are tattooed purple, and scarification on her face. 

In some interviews, Grace says that undergoing body modifications and putting herself through extreme physical procedures has helped make her mentally stronger and feel more comfortable in her own skin. 

Grace is the host of Viceland’s Needles & Pins documentary series, which explores the tattoo art form in different parts of the world, and she served as the host of Viceland’s Beyond Beauty, which was produced with i-D Magazine.  

Grace Neutral Tattoo Styles

  • Blackwork
  • Dotwork
  • Specializes in geometric tattoos
  • Specializes in mandala tattoos

“I’ve always been determined to do things for myself. I never really wanted a provider. I just wanted to provide for myself and prove to everyone — myself included — that I could do this on my own.” 

– Grace Neutral, i-D Magazine

Grace Neutral Tattoo Prices

At this time, does not have updated hourly rates or information about what getting a tattoo from Grace Neutral costs. In a 2016 video that documented her tattoo experience with Grace Neutral, YouTuber Harmony Nice said that the tattoo cost her £100 per hour, which is approximately $125 per hour. 

Please keep in mind that all tattoo artists set their own prices rates may change over time. Prices for tattoos usually reflect the size, complexity of, and time required to complete the design. 

How to Book a Tattoo with Grace Neutral

To book a tattoo with Grace, email her directly using her personal email address There is no other booking information on her Instagram account or the Femme Fatale website, so if you are interested in inquiring about a tattoo appointment, you should send an email. 

You can follow Grace on Instagram and Femme Fatale Tattoo on Instagram for updates about Grace’s booking and availability. 

Tattoos by Grace Neutral – via Instagram

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