Deanna Smith

Deanna Smith: Painterly Portraits and Florals

Deanna Smith (Deanna James) is a Texas-based female tattoo artist who works at Pristine Ink, a private studio in Dallas. With less than five years of experience as a professional tattoo artist, Smith has become a recognized name in tattooing thanks to her painterly style and appearance on “Ink Master.”

Smith was on Season 10 of the Spike/Paramount reality television show. She earned a spot after facing off against Gia Rose on “Ink Master Angels.”. Smith made it to the top five before being voted off by the judges.

When she’s not tattooing in Texas, Smith is traveling around to tattoo conventions and guest spotting at other shops across the country. When she’s not tattooing, she plays the guitar and creates portrait paintings.

On her Instagram account, Smith has been vocal about her struggles with anxiety and depression as a way to provide comfort and solace to individuals who are struggling. She recently tattooed to raise funds for Foundation 45, a suicide, mental health, and addiction awareness organization.

Deanna married her husband Colton James in the summer of 2019.

Deanna Smith Tattoo Styles

  • Color Realism
  • Black and Grey
  • Specializes in Portrait Tattoos
  • Specializes in Realistic Floral Tattoos

“It’s a very masculine art form still. It is very hard for a lady to get into the industry, so you have to put in that extra work.”

Deanna Smith, UCLA ULoop

Deanna Smith Tattoo Prices

According to her website, Deanna Smith charges a rate of $2,000 per day for a tattoo by her. Her rate is set so that she can focus on one client per day. A $200 deposit is required to book the appointment. The deposit goes towards the drawing time needed for Smith to create tattoo designs. If no drawing is necessary, the deposit comes off the price of the final tattoo.

How to Book a Tattoo With Deanna Smith

If you are interested in booking a tattoo appointment with Deanna Smith, you can fill out the contact form on her website or email her directly at

Prospective clients should include detailed information about the tattoo idea, the preferred placement on the body, information about medical conditions that may affect the tattoo appointment, and reference or inspiration photos for the design that you’re interested in getting tattooed.

Follow along with Smith on Instagram to stay up to date on her travel schedule.

Tattoos by Deanna Smith – via Instagram

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