6 Cute Cactus Tattoo Designs Shaped Like Cats

Rachel Baldwin via Instagram

There are plenty of serious tattoos in the world. There are memorial tattoos, portraits of family members and loved ones, tributes to policemen and first responders. We see lots of dark and moody black and grey pieces and an array of artsy neo traditional work that looks like it belongs in a museum.

But sometimes, seriousness takes a back seat to charming, adorable, and downright cute skin art that plays up imagination and creativity.

Cue cute cactus tattoo designs shaped like cats. Not only do these cactus tattoos feature cool, cartoonish styles, but—I’ll say it again—they’re shaped like CATS. You can pay homage to your love of plants and your fierce appreciation for the feline form all at the same time.

And if you didn’t know this was a thing—it is. We found plenty of cat-themed cute cactus tattoos to choose from. Below are a few of our favorites.

Rocker Catcus by Rebecca Hutt

Not only does this cute cactus tattoo look like a cat—it looks like a cat playing a freaking guitar. We love this fun illustration by artist Rebecca Hutt, who tattoos out of Cadushi Ink in Aruba. The guitar cord wrapping around the leg and plugging into an amp is a nice finishing touch.

Subtle Cat Cactus Tatto by Gabbi Elise Corona

Here’s the thing—a cat cactus tattoo does not have to be obnoxious. Sure, it could be over the top and in your face, or it can be a subtle, cute style like this one from Gabbi Elise Corona who works at Rooster Tattoo & Body Piercing. We dig the adorable little ear shapes that signal this is a feline-friendly cactus.

Cat Cactus Dragon by Christel Perkins

As if a cat and cactus tattoo combination wasn’t enough, tattoo artist Christel Perkins, who tattoos out of Tribal Rites in Fort Collins, Colorado took it one step further for one of her clients by adding a dragon theme. Yes, we’re talking about a cat cactus dragon tattoo. If that’s not badass, we don’t know what is. This piece was a tribute to a fine cat named Linus, and we love every bit of it.

Potted Catcus by Hollie West

Most cute cactus tattoos feature a green prickly plant in a pot, but Hollie West‘s cat cactus design puts an orange kitty front and center. We love the color play in this tattoo and the adorable feline face in Hollie’s signature style.

Sweet Catcus Tattoo by Kara Kastanada

If we had to pick a classic cat-shaped cute cactus tattoo, it would be this one from Kara Kastanada. The green shades of the catcus are accented with pretty pink flowers and the colorful geometric pot is a nice touch.

Pastel Cat Cactus Tattoo by Rachel Baldwin

The tattoos done by Rachel Baldwin always bring a smile to our faces. This cat cactus tattoo from 2017 is an oldie but a goodie. We love the big, rounded shape, and stylized eyes, ears and cheeks on this one. Plus the heart shape on the pot just makes us melt from all the adorableness.

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