Best Friend Matching Tattoos: 10 Fun Examples

When you were young, declaring your friendship to the world meant making each other braided bracelets or wearing matching necklace sets.

While you may be hanging on to some of those BFF-themed pieces of jewelry, there’s perhaps an even greater symbol of everlasting friendship—getting best friend matching tattoos. These cute, creative designs are the perfect way to celebrate lifelong friendships with a dedicated piece of art.

Whether they’re cleverly themed or they simply hold sentimental value, we’re 4-eva suckers for incredible friendship tattoos. Here are a few of our favorites.

Flower Power by Natasha Einck

Sacramento-based artist Natasha Einck put in double the work for these gorgeous and geometric matching floral tattoos for a pair of best friends. Thanks to Einck, these ladies will be bonded for life with their stunning ink.

Globe Trotters by Peighton “Flash” Ploudre

The surefire sign of a friendship that’s meant to last is one that can span not only years, but sometimes hundreds or thousands of miles. These simply lovely matching globe tattoos by Peighton “Flash” Ploudre of Phoenix, Arizona prove that distance has nothing on a BFF’s adoration.

Peanut Butter and Jelly by Shannan Greeley

Nothing goes together better than peanut butter and jelly. Well, maybe besties and adorable tattoos. Case in point: these delicious matching designs by Canadian tattoo artist Shannan Greeley.

Avocado Besties by Gracie Tattoos

We’re keeping on the food trend with this one because we can’t help but love these adorable avocado tattoos done by Aussie apprentice Gracie on friends Asa and Emily. We love how one of the cuties has the pit and one doesn’t—showing at these two tattoos fit together perfectly.

Foxy Ladies by Kim Jestern

If you saw your bestie with this killer tattoo, featuring a fox, a snake, and a constellation, you’d have to get one, too. That’s exactly what Polish artist Kim Jestem (aka mRudnicka) did for these friends with their wholly unique matching ink.

Butterfly Effect by Leigh White

UK-based artist Leigh White gave best friends matching tattoos to two lucky ladies. The connecting butterfly wings on their wrists match up to form one gorgeous design when put together. Just like lifelong friends, these understated and elegant matching tattoos are a thing of beauty.

Cheers! by Mirko Toniolo

If you’re a red wine drinker and your bestie is a white wine drinker, you both might want to make a visit to Mirko Toniolo in Italy and get something similar to these cheer-ful matching wine tattoos. Plus, after you get your work done, you can go get Italian wine. Win-win!

Matching Daria Tattoos by Desiree Mancia

Daria and Jane are best-friend icons for a whole generation of 90s gals. So to say that we’re obsessed with these best friend matching tattoos by Atlanta-based artist Desiree Mancia would be an understatement. And look at how sweet these BFFs look in the photo with their new ink. Adorbs!

Wall-E BFF Tattoos by Erin Odea

In the animated movie Wall-E, the title character and the robot EVE didn’t say much to each other, but audiences knew how they felt. And that’s how best friends are—they know exactly what the other is feeling or thinking, without having to say a word. These adorable Wall-E inspired tattoos by Erin Odea are such a fitting tribute for two Disney fans.

Pinky Promise by Charlotte Bergman

Nothing is more sacred than the pinky promise, so it’s fitting that you’ll never want to take back these wonderful matching friendship tattoos by U.K. artist Charlotte Bergman. The little floral accents are a nice touch.

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