Arm Tattoos for Women: 8 Beautiful Pieces Done by Female Artists

Choosing an arm tattoo is a difficult task. Your arms are out there in the world, available for everyone to see. If you’re choosing a tattoo design for your forearm, your shoulder, or your wrist, it’d better be something that you’re obsessed with.

Before committing to an arm tattoo, think about the placement and the size. Are you going to want a tattoo sleeve on your arm one day? If so, start to map out the tattoo as it relates to your larger sleeve and ask your artist for recommendations. If you might want a half sleeve or even a full sleeve at a later date, don’t put a small tattoo in the middle of a big, open space on your arm because it will get in the way of bigger pieces in the future.

If you’re unsure about what kind of arm tattoo is right for you, work closely with your artist to find the style and placement that you feel comfortable and happy with.

Need some inspiration? Here are some of our favorite arm tattoos for women, done by female tattoo artists.

Mason Jar Flowers by Haley Bean

We love how this floral tattoo fits the forearm in this piece done by Haley Bean at Point of Entry Tattoo in Derry, New Hampshire. The shine on the mason jar is lovely and the muted tones in the flowers keep this piece looking classy and wonderfully illustrative.

Frida Kahlo Tattoo by Mindy Fach

If you want to pay homage to one of your favorite artists and let the world know about it, getting an arm tattoo of a painter, musician, or author will do the trick. This gorgeous Frida Kahlo portrait by Mindy Fach of Clean Slate Tattoo in Wasilla Alaska is perfectly placed right as the upper arm transitions to the forearm. The colors are stunning too.

Giant Jewel Tattoo by Jenna Kerr

We can’t get over this upper arm tattoo by U.K. tattoo artist, Jenna Kerr. It’s an incredible feat that the talented female artist did in one session—which to be honest, is blowing our minds! Not only are the blacks beautifully solid, but the opalescent tones of the pearls and the in-your-face shine on the main stone really make this piece feel multidimensional. Jewel and gemstone designs make great arm tattoos for women, especially accenting the shoulder or going from the forearm to wrist.

Harry Potter-Inspired Hand by Hanah Elizabeth

Look—we love Harry Potter. We’re not even going to try to deny that we’ve spent hours browsing through Harry-Potter themed tattoos. And this arm tattoo by Hannah Elizabeth of The Drawing Room is a really nice piece that flows on the arm, thanks to that sweeping magic coming from the wand. The Deathly Hallows ring and the Snitch design on the hand are nice touches.

Scenic Cityscape Tattoo by Megan Jean Morris

If realism is more your style, upper arm tattoos for women offer plenty of space to ink a portrait or a large-scale city scene like this one from Megan Jean Morris. This gorgeous Amsterdam tattoo features a ton of depth and smooth shading that make the piece look like a painting you can hang up on your wall. It makes us want to jump on that bike and ride around the canals!

Oracle Deck Tattoo by Stacey Night

Watercolor tattoos are another arm tattoo style that many women (and men) are drawn to. This upper arm tattoo by Stacey Night of Fox & Moon Tattoo in Brisbane, Australia conveys so much movement and positive energy. The design is inspired by an oracle deck card from alchemist Alana Fairchild.

Traditional Lady Head by Lydia Kinsey

Sometimes, the best arm tattoo is a traditional one, and we’re big fans of lady-head designs done in a traditional style. This one by Athens, Georgia-based artist Lydia Kinsey is super solid and effortlessly cool. The wrapping snakes give a Medusa-look without it being too fantasy-like or overwhelming. We dig it.

Big, Bold Gypsy Tattoo by Lacey Rose

Sometimes, choosing an arm tattoo means going big and bold, with lots of color and detail. That’s exactly why we’re feeling this witchy, gypsy-like tattoo by Louisiana-based artist Lacey Rose. This coverup half sleeve is impossible to miss and super cool and we love the earrings that are inspired by actual jewels by Omnia Studios.

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