10 Cool Jellyfish Tattoos Done by Female Artists

The jellyfish is a majestic creature that’s been around for hundreds of millions of years. It has a hauntingly beautiful and mystifying physique and a powerful sting that occurs when someone makes the unfortunate mistake of overstepping their boundaries.

The jellyfish is an an all-around rad and no-nonsense creature, so it’s no surprise it makes for an awesome tattoo, too.

These ten awe-inspiring jellyfish tattoo designs done by female artists bring the wonder of this sea creature to life with vibrant colors and design. No need to swim away—in fact, you’ll want to get a closer look at this super cool jellyfish-inspired ink.

Scar Jellyfish by Mini Lau

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While a jellyfish sting can leave scars behind, with the help of the right tattoo artist, the marks can be a work of art. The same goes for any kind of scar that a person wants to give new life and meaning to. Artist Mini Lau of Hong Kong helped a client turn a wrist scar into a stunning jellyfish tattoo with lovely pastel colors, accompanied by flowers.

Black Jellyfish by Caro Kaspereit

Berlin-based tattoo artist Caro Kaspereit does breathtaking and mostly colorless tattoos, including this simple, yet effective jellyfish tattoo design on her client Lisa Lune’s arm. As she wrote in an Instagram post, “For me the most beautiful and fascinating living beings on earth,” and after seeing this work, we couldn’t agree more.

Watercolor Jellyfish by Krysta Lannigan

It’s difficult to capture the essence of a jellyfish, as it is always moving and changing shape. But artist Krysta Lannigan of Portland, Oregon brings the artful and magical nature of jellyfish to life with this watercolor-inspired piece.

Fusion Jellyfish by Jessica C. Barro

Intertwined with diamonds and triangles, this jellyfish tattoo is gorgeous and commands respect. It’s the kind of tattoo that catches your eye and lets you know the person who has it means business. This tattoo is so awesome, even Cali’s own Jessica C. Barros had to acknowledge it by stating: “Absolutely in love with this piece.” Same.

Cute Jellyfish Tattoo by Lucy Lee

Who says jellyfish can’t be adorable? Certainly not tattoo artist Lucy Lee of West Palm Beach, Florida, who made this totally adorable (those eyes!) and mega-colorful jellyfish. Adorned with stars and bows, this oh-so-sweet take on the sea creature makes us wish they all were this friendly.

Bitchy Jellyfish by Emily VanSickle

Another entry in the cute jellyfish tattoo category, this happy little creature by South Carolina artist Emily Van Sickle has a message that can apply to both land and sea: “Don’t be a bitch.”

Mandala Jellyfish by Lizz Sok

Tattoo artist Lizz Sok of Lincoln, Nebraska created a stunner for one of her clients getting their very first (!) tattoo. This piece will be hard to top thanks to the masterful work of marrying mandala art with a jellyfish.

Electric Jellyfish by Helena Darling

This is a bright and bold jellyfish design by Halifax-based tattooer Helena Darling. We dig the saturated colors and the sweet shading that makes this piece pop off the skin.

Musical Jellyfish by Fay Young

Remember how annoying it used to be to try and get the unwound tape back into a cassette? Now imagine trying to do that as a jellyfish. Vancouver artist Fay Young has us tangled up in awe of this jellyfish doing battle with a tape.

Full-Length Jellyfish Tattoo by Chelsea-Rae

The closest-to-scale tattoo on the list: a stunner of a piece by Johannesburg-based artist Chelsea-Rae goes from the thigh almost entirely down to the ankle. This gorgeous jellyfish tattoos integrates watercolors, hearts, and flowers, making for a multi-faceted tattoo that requires a second, and third, and fourth glance.

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