Janice Danger and Zoey Taylor to Appear in A&E’s “Hero Ink”

When it comes to tattoo-based reality television—whether it’s “Ink Master,” “Ink Master Angels,” “Best Ink” or “Epic Ink,” there is always one vignette, feature, or episode that showcases tattoos done to honor the heroic deeds of first responders, military veterans, police, or firefighters.

The men and women who serve to protect our country and our communities often have the most impactful stories to tell. Their tattoo choices have an incredible amount of meaning, and their accounts of service, bravery, and strength often make television viewers teary-eyed and emotional.

That’s the heart-touching chord that A&E hopes to strike with its new tattoo-focused series “Hero Ink,” which will debut on the network on June 6 at 10 p.m. ET.

Filming Hero Ink
Zoey Taylor and Janice Danger film “Hero Ink” in Houston. Credit: Zoey Taylor via Instagram.

The series was filmed in and takes place at Prison Break Tattoos, a tattoo studio that is owned and operated by artist BK Klev in Houston, Texas. Klev has spent the past 25 years employed by the Houston police department.

Janice Danger, who regularly tattoos at Grit N’ Glory in New York City, and Zoey Taylor, who owns The Warren Tattoo in West Hollywood, California have both signed on as part of the debut series.

Janice Danger and Zoey Taylor
Janice Danger and Zoey Taylor on the set of “Hero Ink.” Credit: Zoey Taylor via Instagram.

Though neither Danger or Taylor are first responders, they do have connections to heroes in their own lives. Danger is a proud military wife and, according to BroadwayWorld.com, Taylor was rescued by police as a child.

In her Instagram post sharing the premiere trailer, Danger wrote: “I’m so excited to be a part of this amazing show. We put our blood, sweat and literal tears into this project. I really hope y’all enjoy it!”

Both Danger and Taylor have been traveling to Houston to film the series, and Taylor’s Instagram account shows various behind-the-scenes sneak peeks at the cast and crew making the show a reality.

Janice Danger tattoos on "Hero Ink."
Janice Danger tattoos for the A&E series “Hero Ink.” Credit: Janice Danger via Instagram.

As you may expect from a show titled “Hero Ink,” the clientele in the tattoo studio will be connected in some way to the world of first responders or the military, and the tattoo designs will be heavily influenced by the clients’ service or experiences.

Other tattoo artists featured on the series include Houston firefighter and U.S. marine Robbie Carson, former NYPD officer Rich Verdino, and former U.S. marine Tony 4 Fingers.

“Hero Ink” is produced by Matador Content for A&E Network. Will you be tuning in this June to see Janice Danger and Zoey Taylor in action?

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