Sara Fabel

Sara Fabel: Dark, Organic Blackwork

Sara Fabel’s trajectory to sought-after Los Angeles tattoo artist is one that traverses the globe and takes its own course.

The 32-year old female tattoo artist was born in Finland and lived in Helsinki throughout her teenage years. An educational exchange program with Griffith University in Brisbane took her to Australia for a year-long program before she moved back to Finland for a few years and started a modeling career.

Babel’s modeling career became successful, with photos published in both print and digital media. She quickly grew her social media following and gained recognition as an alternative model. She even branched out into acting, filming a horror movie in Latvia called “Anarchy Parlor” in 2013.

But, Fabel always had a passion for art and illustration. She even worked as an art teacher at a primary school in Finland before moving to Australia to pursue tattooing.

Her tattoo career began with an apprenticeship under Melbourne-based artist Daniel Sharpe. She lived and worked in Australia until 2013, when she decided to move to the United States and tattoo in Los Angeles.

Fabel currently tattoos in a private studio in Los Angeles and has developed a recognizable style of intricate and organic blackwork tattooing that is inspired by medieval woodcuts and victorian etchings. She tattoos stunning fine-line botanicals, detailed animals, and empowered, witchy women. She travels regularly for guest spots and tattoo conventions.

Fabel is a proud cat mom, and features her feline family members regularly in her photos and her social media posts. In fact, she has an entire Instagram account devoted to her two oriental shorthair cats, Dawn and Sigmund.

Tattoo Styles

  • Blackwork
  • Illustrative Realism
  • Specializes in geometric tattoos
  • Specializes in fine line tattoos
  • Specializes in botanical tattoos

“There are some serious issues with the tattooing world, especially when it comes to starting out in the industry, depending on the shop, country, and area, of course. Apprenticeships can be hard regardless, no matter the sex of the apprentice, and there is a lot of bullying when it comes to teaching newcomers in the hierarchy. But I do think it is especially hard for females, as the industry still is very male dominated.”

– Sara Fabel, Custom Tattoo Design

Sara Fabel Tattoo Prices

Fabel has been open and up front with her tattoo prices and rates on her Instagram account. According to this Instagram post from October 2018, she offers both hourly rates for smaller tattoos and day rates for large, longer tattoos.

For a small, palm-sized or hand-sized tattoo, Fabel charges a rate of $300 per hour. She offers two different day rates—one is $1,500 per day for one of her pre-drawn designs or a “portfolio” design and the other is $2,000 per day for a completely custom design. Rates for guest spots and conventions may be higher.

Once an appointment is confirmed, Fabel does require a deposit. Deposits range from $300 for a half-day session and all the way up to $2,500 for a multi-day guest spot. Deposits are forfeited if appointments are canceled less than two weeks from the tattoo appointment date.

Please note that tattoo prices are subject to the discretion of each artist and may change at any time. For accurate pricing and rates for Sara Fabel’s tattoos, it’s best to email her and inquire about an appointment. Her assistant Leeanne can provide the most up-to-date pricing information.

How to Book a Tattoo With Sara Fabel

To book a tattoo with Sara Fabel, prospective clients are asked to email her at and provide information on the size, desired location, and general idea for the tattoo design. Reference photos are welcomed.

In addition to custom tattoo designs, Fabel regularly posts pre-drawn designs on her website. These are images that she is interested in tattooing and offers them at a discounted day rate for clients that are interested in a pre-drawn piece.

Fabel also offers lower day rates for what she considers a “portfolio” design, which a tattoo design that offers her a lot of freedom to create a design that she is interested in, as opposed to a completely custom tattoo.

Fabel’s assistant Leanne will return your email and get more information from you to continue the booking process.

Keep an eye on Fabel’s Instagram account for information about upcoming guest spots and convention dates.

Tattoos by Sara Fabel – Via Instagram

Editor’s note: All images are the property of Sara Fabel and are from her Instagram account. does not claim any ownership to the above images.

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