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Liz Cook: Perfect Portraiture

If you follow Liz Cook’s work, you’re familiar with how she attacks color realism and portraiture. The Dallas, Texas-based female tattoo artist is co-owner of Rebel Muse, which has two locations and is home to talented artists including Danny Elliott, Ben Amos, and fellow co-owner David Mushaney.

Cook has a fine arts degree in studio painting and drawing and started tattooing in 2009. She’s become well known for her realistic style and her ability to saturate color and bring a tattoo to life. She’s tattooed images of lifelike movie characters, insane pet portraits and floral tattoos that look like they can be plucked off the skin.

If you’re a fan of tattoo reality television, then you may recognize Cook from the short-lived TLC series “Tattoo Girls” where she joined the crew of Ink Ink in Missouri. Cook was painted as the villain of that series but told the Dallas Observer that it’s to be expected from reality T.V.

Besides doing incredible realistic tattoos, Cook also offers cosmetic procedures such as nipple reconstruction, brow tattoos, and skin pigmentation tattoos.

Liz Cooke Tattoo Styles

  • Color Realism
  • Photo Realism
  • Color Illustrative
  • Specializes in Portrait Tattoos

“I just find ways to go around it and so it isn’t an issue being a woman tattooer. I never allow that to be something that can victimize me.”

– Liz Cook, Dallas Observer

Liz Cook Tattoo Prices

Prices for a tattoo by Liz Cook are estimated based on an hourly rate set by the artist. does not have specific information about Liz Cook’s prices or exact rates at this time. Please keep in mind that tattoo pricing varies greatly, depending on your artist and the type of tattoo and size of tattoo that you want completed.

Deposits are required to book a tattoo with Liz Cook.

How to Book a Tattoo With Liz Cook

To book a tattoo with Liz Cook, prospective clients are asked to fill out the detailed contact form on her website. This form asks clients to outline the placement of where they would like the tattoo on their bodies, the estimated size of the tattoo, whether they are looking for color or black and grey, and it offers an area where individuals can upload reference or inspiration photos.

Prospective clients are asked to provide a detailed description of their ideas. Cook gives priority to tattoo requests that have the most appealing concepts with the least amount of restrictions.

Tattoos by Liz Cook – via Instagram

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