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Amanda Wachob: Modern Art Master

Amanda Wachob is a New-York-based tattoo artist and fine artist who is credited with pioneering the watercolor tattoo trend and taking a modernist approach to the technique of tattooing.

Wachob’s work is recognized nationally and internationally, and she’s partnered with a slew of museums and galleries including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the New Museum, the Museum of Arts and Design, The Whitney and The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver.

Her tattoos resemble abstract, contemporary canvases. They move and eddy on the skin. They drip with color and swirl like smoke. Additionally, Wachob specializes in realistic, painterly floral tattoos and innovative color-blocked geometric shapes.

Wachob uses tattooing as a medium to pursue other artistic work outside of a tattoo studio. She’s printed abstract tattoos on silk, used tattoo machines to tattoo lemons, leather, and paper, and she creates large-scale pieces with temporary tattoo paper and tattoo ink. She also inked lines of a love poem on 30 different people in 2018 to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

In 2015, Ad Age named Wachob one of the most creative people in the world.

Amanda Wachob’s Tattoo Styles

  • Watercolor tattoos
  • Realism
  • Abstract
  • Specializes in modern-art tattoos

“It’s amazing how my tattoos have connected people. And given people a reason to speak to each other when maybe there wasn’t a reason before to talk to a stranger.”

– Amanda Wachob, Observer

Amanda Wachob Tattoo Prices

At this time, does not have specific information about Amanda Wachob’s tattoo pricing. According to an article from The Billfold, published in 2014, one of Wachob’s clients said the hourly rate was $350. Wachob’s hourly rate may be higher now, due to her popularity.

Keep in mind that tattoo prices are dictated by the tattoo artist and that rates for tattoos vary greatly depending on style, subject matter, and scale.

How to Book a Tattoo With Amanda Wachob

Booking a tattoo with Amanda Wachob is difficult due to her popularity and world-renowned appeal. She opened a waiting list and then closed it for 4 years due to the number of inquiries she received. However, Wachob sometimes hosts walk-in days or special projects where people can book through her website or wait-in-line for a first-come-first-serve tattoo.

The best way to stay updated on tattoo openings is to follow Wachob on Instagram or to sign up for her mailing list to be notified of new projects.

Tattoos by Amanda Wachob – via Instagram

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