Sarah Miller Gives Actress Janet Montgomery New Tattoo

Sarah Miller via Instagram.

Not all celebrities have a great track record of getting good tattoos. Sure you have people like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson spending time (and money) with people like Nikko Hurtado, but there are plenty of others (we’re looking at you Ben Affleck) who can’t practice patience and just wind up going to random artists to get mediocre work. 

But English film and television actress Janet Montgomery isn’t making any mistakes when it comes to her ink. She recently visited with tattoo artist Sarah Miller in New York to add a micro tattoo to her arm. 

Miller, who normally tattoos at Wyld Child Tattoo in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, met up with Montgomery at Soho Ink in New York to create Montgomery’s new arm tattoo. 

Sarah Miller tattooing actress Janet Montgomery via Instagram.

On her Instagram account, Miller posted photos and videos of the process and called Montgomery one of her “celebrity crushes.” 

“I have to say, she isn’t just a humongously talented human being, but also a wonderful, sweet, humble person inside and out,” Miller wrote in her post. 

So what artwork did Montgomery wind up getting? A stamp of the Queen of England on her left forearm. From the looks of things, the tattoo appears to be about the size of a postage stamp, too! 

Janet Montgomery’s new tattoo by Sarah Miller. Via Instagram.

Miller executed the design flawlessly in black and grey, putting in all the tiny details down to the crown and the pearl necklace. It’s really great to see Miller, who specializes in color realism portraits, do something so small and delicate. 

Montgomery is best known for her role as Ames in the second season of “Human Target,” which aired on Fox and her portrayal of Mary Sibley in the series “Salem.”

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