Kelly Doty and Crew Lure Steve Buscemi to Helheim Gallery

The power of social media is real people. And if you don’t believe us, just take a look at all the dreams coming true for tattoo artist Kelly Doty and the rest of the team at Helheim Gallery in Salem, Massachusetts. 

When Doty, co-owner Kristin Welch, and the other artists who work in the Salem-based shop—Jess Brown, Britt Whitman, and Sean Gardner—found out Steve Buscemi was in town, they acted quickly to put together a campaign to entice the acclaimed actor and director through their doors. 

In a hilarious—and yes, a little bit desperate—display of fangirling, the tattoo artists posted up magnificently designed flyers on telephone polls and implored Buscemi to pay the shop a visit via Instagram stories. 

The Helheim team showed off a multitude of Buscemi photos and movie-stills that adorn the shop’s “Wall of Hunks” and pleaded with locals to ambush the actor on their behalf to get him to the tattoo studio. 

I, along with probably the majority of people following along on social media, expected the effort to be in vain. Because one would think that Steve Buscemi has better things to do with his time—like make movies and what not. 

But, low and behold, on Kelly Doty’s 36th birthday, Steve FUCKING Buscemi—the man, the myth, the legend—waltzed (okay, so we picture him waltzing, but it could have been more of a stroll or a fast-paced walk) into the shop.

Steve Buscemi and the Helheim Gallery team.

In an Instagram post documenting the event, Doty writes that Buscemi hung out with the team at Helheim for a little while and even had a look at the infamous hunk wall. “I think I’ve peaked,” Doty says in the post. 

We love everything about how these events unfolded. Wishing the happiest of birthdays to Kelly Doty.

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